The Heat Is On Its Way: Tips For Ensuring You Will Have Cool Air In Your Car

Posted on: 1 March 2016

Even though it is cold outside right now, spring is almost here, which means summer is around the corner. The temperatures can get very high, and you want to make sure your car's air conditioner is working and in good condition. Now is a great time to do it, so it will not have any issues when you start it up this summer. Follow the tips below to keep problems from happening.

Make Sure You Use It

It may sound strange, but you need to turn your air conditioner on every now and then during the winter months.

The refrigerant in your car is what keeps the air conditioner air cool. Most air conditioning units in cars have rubber hoses. Running the air conditioner keeps the hoses moist. During the winter, the hoses dry out because the air conditioner does not run enough to keep them moist. When this happens, the hoses will crack and then refrigerant will leak out. Check the refrigerant to make sure it is at the right level. If not, then you are likely having this problem with your hoses.

Mildew can also grow inside the compressor seals and hoses, which would damage them.

If your windows fog up in the winter, turn on the air conditioner to remove humidity from inside your car. Using the defroster with cold air turned on also works better than heat if your windows fog up. Using the defroster about once a week for a few minutes will clean out moisture and mildew inside your car.

Look It Over

To help you remember to look at these hoses, look at them every time you change the oil in your car. You also need to make sure they are not cracked, and look like they are in good condition. If you do not know where these hoses and belts are located, refer to your owner's manual for your car. The manual may have a design image to help make it easier to locate them. If you notice any problems at all, have them fixed now before they become much worse.

The best thing you can do is take your car to a mechanic like Norris Tire & Auto Center to have your air conditioner serviced if you have any problems. They can inspect your car and determine what the problem is, and then repair your car for you before summer gets here.


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