• The Heat Is On Its Way: Tips For Ensuring You Will Have Cool Air In Your Car

    Even though it is cold outside right now, spring is almost here, which means summer is around the corner. The temperatures can get very high, and you want to make sure your car's air conditioner is working and in good condition. Now is a great time to do it, so it will not have any issues when you start it up this summer. Follow the tips below to keep problems from happening.
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  • Improve The Off-Road Flexibility Of Your Truck

    Taking trucks off-road is a ton of fun. If you make the appropriate adjustments, your truck can keep on trucking through the most difficult terrain. Below, you will find out what you can do to improve how your truck handles off-road conditions. Decrease the Tire Pressure The easiest way for you to improve the ride of your truck while off-road driving is to decrease the air pressure in your tires. Lower air pressure increases the amount of tire that makes contact with the trail.
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  • Two Tips To Help You Save Money On Vehicle Dent Removal

    There's nothing like a few dents to mar the appearance of your vehicle.  The situation is especially troublesome if you have a newer vehicle that you love showing off.  While you certainly want the dents removed, you may believe you don't have the money, and are hesitant to file an insurance claim because you fear your premium may increase.  Don't ride around in a car that you're less than proud of.
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