Two Tips To Help You Save Money On Vehicle Dent Removal

Posted on: 3 January 2016

There's nothing like a few dents to mar the appearance of your vehicle.  The situation is especially troublesome if you have a newer vehicle that you love showing off.  While you certainly want the dents removed, you may believe you don't have the money, and are hesitant to file an insurance claim because you fear your premium may increase.  Don't ride around in a car that you're less than proud of.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to get affordable dent removal.

Determine If Paintless Dent Removal Is An Option

One of the first things you can do to help drive down the cost of dent removal is find out if paintless dent removal is an option.  Paintless dent removal is a repair technique that bypasses some of the steps that are usually taken during the dent removal process, which could lower the cost. 

The traditional dent removal process is multifaceted and includes several steps.  The technician may have to sand the area where the dent is, knock out the dent, buff the area, and then repaint. This is more time consuming and requires more labor, so the cost may be substantially higher.

With paintless dent removal, the technician skips the other steps and uses a device to pop out the dent.  It's done in a manner that won't harm the paint so that a paint job becomes unnecessary. When you go in to get your estimate, ask the repair worker if paintless dent repair is an option.  Keep in mind that if the dent is accompanied with scratches or chips to the paint, the technician may advise you that paintless dent repair may not be the best way to go.

Save Money By Replacing Car Parts

You may find that it's more cost effective for you to simply replace certain car parts, rather than having the dents removed with the traditional method.  This is especially true if the dent is isolated to a particular portion of your car.

For example, if your car is badly dented on the front quarter panel, you may be able to find this part at a local salvage lot.  Your technician can then remove the faulty part and replace it with the one that you've purchased, effectively saving time and money.

Getting the dents removed from your car doesn't have to break the bank if you know what to do.  Start using these tips right away so you can return your car to its former glory.Click here for more information on auto repair.     


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