Four Things That Should Be Found In Every Pickup Truck Toolbox

Posted on: 30 December 2014

That toolbox that you have situated on the back of your pickup is more than just a good place for storage. In the right situation, the items you have in your pickup's toolbox could be an all out lifesaver. Beyond just the average set of ratchets and screwdrivers, your tool box has room for a few very important items. Here are four things that should be found in your toolbox before you set out on the road.

Battery Jumper Cables

The battery that you have in your truck may be fully charged when you head out, but you never know when something could impact that fact. Cold weather, a bad alternator, and various other issues could drain the juice in your battery and leave you stranded. If you have a set of jumper cables handy, you can always bum enough charge off another driver to get back home. Plus, you never know when you will run across someone in the same boat.

Gallon of Distilled Water

Water will be useful in a lot scenarios when you are traveling on the road. If your truck overheats, water will be necessary to cool down the motor. In the event you lose all of your coolant, distilled water can help you make it home. And, if you ever get caught stranded in a hot desert, you will at least have water to drink.

Emergency Blanket

Winter driving conditions can change in a matter of minutes. It is no secret that running your truck heater in short intervals will help keep you warm if you get stuck. However, eventually, you will run out of fuel and it is not safe to run the vehicle for long periods of time to keep warm. An emergency blanket will not only help you keep warm in the cold, but can be used to flag down traffic if necessary, and the foil lining works well to repel bright sunlight in the summer.

Roadside Emergency Markers

Any time you are stranded on a major highway, other drivers will be one of your man concerns when it comes to your safety. This is especially true at night when visibility is slim and other drivers may not realize you are close to the side of the ride. Emergency roadside markers in your toolbox will alert other drivers to your presence to keep you safe.

The toolbox that you have on your truck is valuable for a lot of different reasons. You may have it stuffed with every tool you think you will need, but you should also be prepared for emergency situations as well. Contact professionals, such as those from Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists, to see how best to fill your needs.


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