8 Winter Driving Tips For Truckers

Posted on: 6 January 2015

The winter months can be harsh for truckers on the road. Icy conditions across parts of the country can make each trip an adventures. Before and during travel, it is important that you stay ahead of potential problems that could impact your ability to finish your route. Here are eight tips for winter driving in a truck.

  1. Monitor the weather. Before starting your trek, it is important that you look at the predicted weather along your route. This can help you map out your course. You might have to deviate from your usual route to reach your destination.
  2. Perform a pre-trip assessment. Despite the weather, you need to properly assess your truck. Pay close attention to your brakes and tires. A mechanical-related breakdown on the side of the road can be dangerous for you in poor weather conditions.
  3. Pack the right equipment. While traveling, ensure that you have the right truck equipment in case you have an emergency. Suggested equipment includes chains, bungee cords, extra washer fluid, and cam lock t-handles. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with equipment. If you have not had experience with using some of the equipment you are packing, take some time to learn more about them. You might not have the time or space to learn more about them on the road.
  5. Use a diesel treatment. An anti-gel additive poured into your fuel tanks can help your diesel fuel from gelling. If the fuel gels, your truck can experience mechanical failure that could leave you sidelined.
  6. Make safety checks. Schedule time to stop and assess your equipment while you are on the road. This is especially if you are heading into a storm. Ideally, you should stop to assess your equipment after you have gone through a bad patch of weather.
  7. Take your time. Your safety comes first. Regardless of whether or not you are ahead or behind your schedule, take your time. Speeding in bad weather can lead to perilous situations. For instance, you could encounter black ice.
  8. Stay vigilant. While driving, you need to be mindful of other drivers and the conditions of the road. Look for warning signs, such as other trucks spinning out. You might need to pull over until conditions improve. 

As you drive more, you will discover other things you need to do to ensure that you get from your starting point to your destination safely. Keep track of these additions and combine them with these tips, and information from places like Hawaii Spring Supply Inc, to have the best experience on the road.


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