Tranmission Woes? Save Some Dough On Repairs

Posted on: 27 January 2015

If the transmission on your car has gone out, or if you think its life is almost over, you need to start shopping around. The transmission is one of the most expensive components on the vehicle to repair, but if you shop around you may be able to save some cash.

You don't have to go out and pay for a brand new transmission to be installed in the vehicle. Shop around and compare the cost of transmissions and labor to see if you can save, and consider these three things.

What is the Value of Your Car?

If you are driving a vehicle that isn't worth more than a few thousand dollars, it may not be worth the cost to put a new transmission in it. The cost to replace a transmission on average is $3,000, so you don't want to pay more than your vehicle is worth, or pay more than you can get back out of the vehicle if you want to sell.

Shop for Used Transmissions

There are times when a vehicle is in an auto accident and considered totaled, but the transmission is still in good condition. Someone with a vehicle the same make and model as you may be selling a transmission, or you can find one at the junk yard. This could save you a substantial amount of money on the cost, but it most likely won't last as long as a new one.

Look for Rebuilt Transmissions

There are many mechanic or auto shops that will take damaged or faulty transmissions and repair them to resell. These are offered at a lowered rate than a new transmission, and they are fully inspected for function by a mechanic. You will want to verify the credentials of the professional that worked on the transmission you're going to purchase if you buy a rebuilt part.

You may want to have your entire vehicle inspected to see if you are going to have other problems once the transmission is replaced before you spend the money. If you can feel that your car is shaking or slipping when you are shifting gears or when the vehicle is changing gears, don't waste any time getting the vehicle into a mechanic like A Transmissions. The more time you spend driving the vehicle with the bad transmission, the more damage and expense you'll have to deal with when you finally get it into the shop.


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