Steps To Take After A Fender Bender

Posted on: 30 January 2015

If you have had the misfortune of getting into a fender bender with another vehicle, you will want to take the proper steps to ensure that your vehicle will get the help it needs to be repaired. There are a series of steps you must take after getting into a small accident. Here is a summary of the steps you will need to take to get your vehicle on its way to repair.

Staying Safe

After you have the accident, you will first want to make sure that you have not suffered from an injury. If you need help, you will want to call 911 right away before dealing with the rest of the things you will need to do. If the accident was minor, you can move your vehicle to the side of the road so it will not be in the way of any oncoming traffic.

Make A Few Calls

You will want to call the authorities to inform them there is a vehicle that has damage, so they will be able to divert traffic around the accident and so they can write you a report about the incident for your records. You will also want to alert your insurance company that you have sustained some damage to your vehicle.

Your insurance agent will want you to answer many questions about the accident, so it is best to call as soon as you can after it had occurred so you do not forget any details. Afterwards, call a towing company to come to get your vehicle. You will be able to get a ride with the tow truck operator to your home. 

Getting An Estimate

Your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to your home to look at your vehicle. They will be able to give you an estimated amount of money that it will cost to have the vehicle repaired, and they will send you paperwork specifying which parts need replaced. You will need to take this information to an auto body repair shop. The auto body shop will also take a look at your vehicle to give you their own estimate. In most cases the amount will be very close to the insurance's amount. 

Getting The Work Done

The auto body repair shop most likely has a towing company work with them to get your car to their property. They would work on your vehicle, fixing it according to the insurance information you had given them. When it comes time to pay, your insurance company will send them a check for the amount specified on the estimate. Some insurance companies will send the check to you and you would be responsible for paying the auto body repair shop like Mojave Paint And Body 2


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