How To Save Money On Used Auto Parts Through A Junkyard

Posted on: 10 April 2015

New auto parts have their charms, but if you are looking to save money so you can grow your wealth, it is smarter to try to get a used auto part if you can. The challenge is in tracking down the right part for your car, especially if you have an older model. If you are careful, you can obtain the right auto part for a lower price.

Assemble the Right Tools

First, you will need to bring the right tools so that you can remove the auto part that you need from the junkyard. You will also want to dress in old clothing because you will likely get dirty. Bring a hammer, pliers, combination wrenches, an Allen wrench and screwdrivers. You will also want to wear protective clothing items such as gloves and safety glasses. Since you will be outside the whole time, wear sunscreen.

Perform a Little Research

Before heading to the junkyard, make sure you look up the price of the used part. Car parts can be priced very unpredictably and if the part you are purchasing is much more expensive than what you would normally pay by ordering it online, you should consider going to a different junkyard or ask to negotiate down the price of the part.

Call Several Junkyards

It is easy to call multiple junkyards and find out which one is the most affordable. Fortunately, there are usually flat prices for one type of part regardless of what type of car it goes with. If you have an expensive car, you can often save the most by getting a used auto part from a junkyard. Given that junkyards have flat rates for auto parts, some individuals make a living by simply traveling to junkyards, picking out the parts that are the most expensive, purchasing them for a low price and selling them for a much higher price after a little refurbishing. Large junkyards often maintain databases of the cars they acquire, which you can search to save time.

Verify Each Part

Make sure you get the right part. Find out the part number and then contact your dealership to verify that the part you are purchasing is the correct one. Some parts are unique to a specific engine and won't work with any other type of car. If you create a list of every part that you need, you can often save money by purchasing several parts all at once. To save yourself a trip, call the junkyard ahead of time to ask if they believe they have all of the parts you need.  

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