How To Protect Your Car's New Paint Job From Damage

Posted on: 18 May 2015

When you get a brand new paint job for your car, you want to keep it looking pristine for as long as possible. Unfortunately, that new paint job can potentially fade over time under the UV rays of the sun, or become damaged from everyday wear and tear. In order to keep the paint looking great, try following these three tips.

Wash And Wax Your Car Regularly

Grime and dirt can be a paint job's worst enemy due to the damage they can cause. This can happen by letting that dirt bake into the paint by leaving your car out under the sun during the day. That's why it's important to both wash and wax your vehicle regularly.

Washing alone is simply not good enough. That extra layer of wax will help protect the paint job from pollutants, bugs, dirt, and the sun's UV rays. Even if your car wash does not offer waxing services, you should take some time to do it on your own at home.

Seek Out The Shade

If preserving that new paint job is a concern, you can make some small changes to your everyday routine.

Find a way to park in the shade whenever you can. This may mean using an indoor garage instead of street parking when you take your car downtown, or always using your garage at home instead of leaving the car in the driveway. This may mean needing to clean out the junk that has been preventing you from using your garage for its intended purpose.

If garages are not an option, invest in a car cover. It will protect the entire car from top to bottom, provide protection from the sun, and other weather conditions due to being outside.

Install A Protective Film

If you are serious about protecting that paint job, you can install a protective film on your car that will give it some very effective additional protection.

The film is hard to notice, but gives your paint job that UV protection you are looking for. It is why many car owners prefer using a protective film instead of the ugly car bra alternative. It will provide an additional layer of protection against bugs, dirt, and paint oxidation as well.

You spent a lot of money on your car's paint job, and you want it to shine as long as possible. Follow these three tips, and you will be doing everything that you can to protect it. Contact a company like Select Collision Centers Inc for more information on maintaining your paint job.


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