How To Customize Your Truck

Posted on: 6 July 2015

Maybe you have a great running truck, but you do not like the looks of it. It is easy to customize your truck to make it look like the "coolest" ride on the block. Follow this guide to give new appeal to your dependable truck. Take a look at your truck and try to project an image of it with different paint, different parts, and additions to the body.

Chrome Accessories

There are different custom truck parts like chrome accessories that will transform the truck into a sleek machine. You can install a chrome bumper, running boards, trim packages, grill guards, and even chrome bed rails. You can even go the distance and add in valve covers to dress up your engine.

Window Tinting

There are different shades, as well as colors that you can purchase for your truck windows. Tinting is simple to install. Ensure that you check with the local laws on the tinting. Some local governments will not allow you to install darker shades due to safety risks. If you are customizing your truck with a specific color you can purchase tinting in that specific color.

Brush Guards, Winches, and Grill Cover

These customizations offer a more rugged appeal to any truck. Grill covers come in many different designs that you can match to almost any theme. There are different colors and there are different materials. Depending on the look you are going for, you will find the perfect accessory. Keep in mind that a grill cover is more than just an accessory. It is needed to protect the front of your truck.


Depending on if you would like extra lighting, you can purchase running board lights. There are also cab lights and other lighting options. Lights will offer more visibility, as well as more of a rugged appeal. You can also buy tailgate lights. These can be found at most auto part stores or you can hire a professional to install them for you.

Along with the different type of light fixtures that you can add, there are a couple different types of bulbs, as well as colors. You can purchase traditional bulbs or LED bulbs. The LED bulbs offer different colors like yellow, blue, or even red. It is recommended to use these types of colors in the light accessories that are not used for driving. However, there are LED bulbs that can be purchased for your headlights to offer a cleaner and clearer view of the road.


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