Three Tools To Help You When You're Driving A Car Up A Car Hauler's Ramp

Posted on: 23 July 2015

If you need to move two cars a long distance and you don't have any friends with enough free time to help you with driving, a car hauler is invaluable. Once you get past the relatively hectic part of driving a car up the car hauler's retractable ramp, tying down the vehicle will be relatively easy. If you're feeling nervous about driving your car up a car hauler's ramp, these three tools will help you.

Stick Of Chalk

Since you need a straight and paved patch of ground to safely drive your car up a ramp anyway, you might as well use a stick of chalk to make your job a little easier. With the help of measuring tape, it won't be too hard to draw two long lines on the pavement that mark out the piece of ground your car needs to drive through.

Chalk is especially useful if you have a spotter outside the vehicle who can notify you when you're driving the car off course.

Pieces Of Colored Duct Tape

It isn't always easy to tell whether you completely centered your car's tires on the car hauler's main tracks. Luckily, if you put a few pieces of colored duct tape on the tracks in such a way that they'll just barely be visible when your car is stopped in the right place, making this judgement call will be much easier. While you can certainly use normal duct tape for this, colored duct tape will look more distinct while it's in the shadow of one of your vehicle's tires.

Use your measuring tape to measure the difference between the front of your car and the place where the front tires meet the ground. Then, put the pieces of duct tape the same distance away from the end of the track. To be as safe and thorough as you can, you can also repeat the process for the car's back tires.

Small Wooden Boards

Some car chassis are so low off the ground that they'll smash into any car hauler ramp you use. In this situation, it's best to get a few small wooden boards to raise the car slightly off the ground before it touches the ramp.

To keep the wooden boards from snapping, make sure that they don't even partially lean on the ramp. Instead, put them as close as you can to the ramp without touching it. For more tips, contact a local rental company, like Route 12 Rental Co Inc.


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