Tips For Protecting Your Car From Road Salt During Winter

Posted on: 6 November 2015

The profuse amounts of road salt spread on the roads and driveways during winter are great for improving driving safety and keeping folks sure-footed under slippery snow and ice, but they can have a severe damaging effect on both your car exterior and interior. Road salt is highly corrosive and can cause rust to develop on your paint finish, door seams and the underbody, lowering your car's resale value while also compromising appearance and performance. This article will give you handy tips on how to protect your car from road salt damage during winter.

Protecting your car's exterior

Rust on your auto body typically occurs when moisture and air react with the car's metallic exterior, forming a crust on the surface. Road salt accelerates the rusting process, leading to extensive damage that can be impossible to repair.

The best way to prevent this is to have your auto body oiled with rust proofing spray annually, preferably during the fall when moisture levels start to fluctuate due to dropping temperatures.

Light mineral based oils are usually the best for protecting against rust in vulnerable areas such as door seams, folds, joints and weld spots, because they can effectively penetrate deep into your car's metal folds where rust typically begins. You should also ensure that an additional coat of rust proofing oil is applied to the underbody, wheel wells and rocker panels so as to protect these vulnerable areas from the abrasive nature of road salt and grime.

Once the rust proofing layer is in place, you should then apply a car sealant to protect the car chassis from snow, sleet and rain while also offering protection against the abrasive action of road salt. The sealant also preserves the gloss on your paint, helping your car to remain aesthetically pleasing all winter long.

Keeping your car clean can also minimize the abrasive effects of road salt on your car exterior. Take advantage of any breaks between winter storms to thoroughly clean your car body with a high-pressure sprayer so as to rinse off grit, mud and road salt that may have accumulated on the wheel wells and undercarriage.

Protecting your car's interior

Though it is shielded from the elements, your car's interior can be exposed to slush on your shoes. This slush contains abrasive road salt that can easily rot your floorboards and damage interior carpets. The best way to prevent this sort of winter damage is to invest in custom-fit rubber floor mats that cover the car floor and high sidewalls.

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